Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors employ agents who reside in LA and New York, so if potential customers require a face-to-face meeting, this can easily be arranged in order to discuss any special requirements etc. prior to order placement.


Yellowstone Interiors is proud to offer the worlds only turnkey solution for internationally based importers within the furniture industry, Whether you are a business looking to resupply stock or a private client aiming to fulfil your interior design ambitions we are confident that our service will not only save time but crucially money.

With over millions of dollars worth of furniture shipped out from our own manufacturing facility in recent years we are confident that our service is the very best available within the industry right now!

Yellowstone Interiors invites its customers to enjoy our experience and expertise in managing production and all administrative tasked involved in the production and importation of their furniture orders. The success of each and every business we supply is as important to us as it is to our customers and growth of our client's businesses is at the forefront of our ambition, This is why many of our clients entrust us with the complete turnkey responsibility for there projects.


Initial Inquiry

All items within the order, Pricing, Deposits and Production Lead Times will be confirmed with our customers by our team before production commences.

Our import department will work hand in hand with each and every customer to ensure that all requirements and provisions of the import have been determined relative to the location of the client, We export our furniture ranges to every country on earth and fully understand that each client will have a variety of import procedures they must adhere to.

We are here to help and can provide detailed information regarding import procedures if requested by the customer.


Order Processing, Payment Of Deposits and Commencement of Production

Once we have confirmation of the order quantity and items from the customer and the deposit of 50% of the order total has been received our team will start production of the items right away guaranteeing the container will be received at the customers port of entry within a 15-week time frame.

Payment of any deposits and completed balances will be payable to our US company accounts.


Production Phase Initiated

Once production has been initiated our British trained quality control team will provide clients with weekly production updates making sure each item will be finished to the highest quality and within the set time frame.

Our team will also provide each client with a weekly count of finished items and will advise accordingly against individual stages of the production process to keep each and every customer fully up to date with their orders.


Quality Control

Our Quality Control team is managed by Steven Cole one of the UK’s leading furniture makers who has over 28 years of experience within the furniture making industry. 

Steven has worked with numerous clients ranging from business owners to celebrities to royal families from around the world and we are delighted to have him as part of the team here Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors. Stevens daily involvement within the production phase is crucial in guaranteeing the very best quality items leave our factory on route to their port of destination.

Packing, Loading and Export

Once the production Phase has been finished and each item has been put through a final quality control procedure Yellowstone Interiors will notify the customer that the order is ready for packing and loading.

We offer two variations when packing the items. Customers can choose to have their items packed using corrugated cardboard or alternatively customers can request the have each item boxed separately with their company logo clearly printed on each item.

The method of packing with be confirmed by the customer within the initial inquiry phase of the order.

With all items checked and packed we are then able to arrange for the container to arrive at our facility where our team will pack each item by hand. Upon completing the packing each customer will be noticed that the container has been packed and is now ready to send to the port of export.

Yellowstone Interiors production facility is based in Indonesia, where all of our products are made and shipped out to customers throughout the world. Yellowstone Interiors production facility is owned and operated by British furniture makers. 

Final Payment Of Balance and Documentation

Upon completion of the items ordered and confirmation that packing has been finished Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors will send details for the final balance to be paid and all relevant import documents will be provided including the Bill of Lading.


International Freight Services and Drop Shipping

Yellowstone Interiors can offer a door to door service in one package price. The door to door solution includes Yellowstone Interiors arranging the export of the goods to the customers domestic port of entry however the import procedure will have to be carried out by the customer/ company in accordance with the relevant import laws and procedures.

As soon as the goods have been cleared and documents have been approved by your domestic customs authority Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors will arrange delivery of the good to you directly. 

Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors has a trusted relationship with ocean freight companies around the world and has access to preferred shipping rates and timelines.

Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors can nominate a trusted sea freight service and arrange every part of the shipping to allow for the streamlined importation of our customer's goods on behalf of the customer.

Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors can also arrange for your goods to be dropped shipped with delivery companies in the UK and USA.

Drop shipping your containers with our trusted delivery companies in the UK and USA means easy access to all major road networks allowing you to deliver your furniture to your customers throughout the USA and UK. If this is of interest please feel free to discuss this with one of our agents during your initial inquiry.

After Sales Services

Once a container has been delivered Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors highly qualified team will be able to offer a range of after-sales services.


Options To Offset Import Duty and Taxes

Import Duty and Taxes are payable to your domestic authorities upon the importation of your goods.

We understand this means additional costs to our customer so we offer two unique options to help offset some of your import and tax responsibilities.

With every full 20ft container ordered the customer will be gifted up to $800.00 worth items.

With every full 40ft container order the customer will be gifted up to $1200.00 worth of items.