Our mission at Yellowstone is clear. Furniture manufacturer of choice to our customers globally. Manufactured to the highest standards, in the best quality materials. Our experience and facilities allows us to provide a superior product at the most competitive prices in the market. Delivered on time, every time, with no delays or excuses.
Experienced manufacturers and exporters of high quality handmade wooden furniture.
Between our UK base, US offices and Manufacturing Facility in Indonesia we are able to offer quality and efficiency to all customers globally. You can expect your order to be delivered within 12 weeks. On time, every-time.


Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside, Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors Reclaimed Industrial Style Furniture is second to none. With decades of experience, our team of skilled craftsmen create unique handmade pieces unmatched in both quality and affordability.

We are able to keep the entire process in-house, from sourcing the finest quality materials, through to manufacturing and delivery.  And we guarantee the highest quality at every step.

All items are handmade to your specifications for a truly unique range of furniture. Customers are more than welcome to visit us at our farm, where we’ll be delighted to meet you!

Our ranges have something to suit every taste. The rustic characteristic feel of American Pine contrasts beautifully with the industrial hardware to complete a distinct look and feel.

Our UK based company is Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors Limited. This is where all of the reclaimed industrial items are made.

We accept bespoke orders from customers looking for something different, or a variation of products viewed on our website. We also supply commercial customers across the UK, including Restaurants, Bars, Offices etc.

We can truly claim that after making and supplying well over 1000 tables last year alone, we have never had a single defective product returned. We believe that’s a pretty good indication of our quality care and control.  

In addition to the above, Yellowstone Bespoke Interiors Limited ( one branch of our service ) guarantees the quality of any containers received by UK customers from our factory in Asia.